Dark War 2 Free PC Game Review – 2017

Dark War 2 Free PC Game Review – 2017

I remember the first time I heard about the Dark War 2 Free PC Game. I couldn’t believe it! Not until the holidays that my friend brought for me in a CD-ROM (they were quite rare back then). I remember he insisted that I should have it installed on our PC and I would enjoy every bit of the experience.

dark war 2 free pc game

Back in my mind, I had the thought that this game was going to be lame. Since I haven’t heard it before. To my surprise, I got in the game, and I was blown by the game such I would spend most of the time playing the dark war. A number of weapons, great graphics, and more challenges- it was fascinating. If you are looking for a perfect review of the game, I have shared my review and hope you will find it worth checking the game.

Dark wars Overview

Dark war is a platformer game whose movement was shown by horizontal or vertical movement on the screen. The game was developed by Blue Skull Entertainment who later released it in 2002. It was the first game multiplayer that was greatly developed I ever played. I remember, while the game was released, there was competition from Doom 2.

It was a great game, but my friend and I loved dark war 2 free PC  game and even played the 2-player mode to death. The game was an advancement of dark war PC games developed by Blue Skull. The development was done using Games Factory game development game engine. This is a free development software that allows the designers to come up with the dark PC games using the front end GUI rather than coding. 

What is the experience with the Dark war 2 Free PC Game

This game is outstanding! It has the best weapons to choose from; like the Flamewall, split missiles, Drunken rockets, heat seekers and so much more. Another exciting feature is that it is a multiplayer game. My friend and I played the 2 player mode, and we were completely blown away. I could sit at my house, and he could do the same at his house, and we could blow each other for hours (chunks flying everywhere), very addictive. Also, the dark war pc game is designed with many enemies and very challenging traps and bosses as the level advances.

dark war 2 free pc game

If you are a diehard of the Dark pc games and you played games such as the Doom and the like, I recommend you gave this game. You may find some zipped files in most of the gaming websites, and you can gracefully download it. Just do it, and I know you will thank me later:D

Dark War 2 Free PC Game gameplay.

Though I may have retired the dark pc games, I still recall the sound and the scenes of the darkwar as if I played through it this morning. During the dark war 2, the player has the role of the shooter from a secret organization known as DWX. This is a secret organization that was developed after a conflict between the humans and the demons in the dark world.

dark war 2 free pc game

The conflict is so much thrilling. The DWX role is to diminish and destroy the dark army that has risen again. As earlier mentioned, you have a massive collection of arsenal including, swords, flamethrowers, shotguns, and rail guns. In case you want to blow things up, I recommend you try explosives such as grenade which will make things much more attractive.

A very interesting fact is that the game demands increases as you go on. This means that after the first level, the demands become high, and this goes on after each level- keeping the tension high all the time.

What are the features of the Dark War 2 Free PC Game?

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If you are wondering how it is like to play the game, here is what you have been missing! Just like the previous dark pc games, the dark war 2 free PC  game is a side scrolling game. You will be required to play from left to right across multiple game screens at the same time overcoming the enemies.

As you play along, you have the chance to upgrade your weapons at choose weapon with more devastating power against your enemies. The main game objective is simple, just kill the more enemies and progress through the stages. It’s fun! The dark war II game is a Windows-based PC game that can be played both as single or multiplayer. 

Design and sound play

I was fascinated by every part of the dark war 2. The graphics which were so much better. More so the gore and the blood of the game made me like the game much more. The dark war 2 free PC  game was with so much first´s light effects with the best music and enthusiastic soundtrack. The dark war 2 game has some jazz tunes as the background, ample tracks and even comical songs- keeping you lively throughout the game. From the moment you hit the start button, you get trapped into a compelling storyline back by compelling music. Very addictive!

The First Truly Great Multiplayer Game!

This game was outstanding! With excellent graphics, it was the best multiplayer game and allowed co-operative game play. You can team up with your friend and face the challenges together. I still remember the game unfolding. Even though the game has flat battle ground, I still remember how the enemies died interestingly, falling into a bloody heap pile of ashes.

I recommend you try the survival mode such as tower defense game. However, in case you prefer to play the single player mission, it’s still enjoyable, and you can always check it out!

The dark war 2 free PC Game Availability

As mentioned earlier, the dark war game was released by the Blue Skull Entertainment company in 2002. Though the game was somehow underrated, I found the game very addictive. The dark war 2 free PC  game was published as a PC game. You can still download and play it today.

It’s so unfortunate that it’s hard to find this game on their official website as it no longer exists. You may find this game files in a number of third parties gaming sites. Some of the sites may have broken links and other zipped files meaning you will have to read them before running.

Final thought!

I believe this game was outstanding and impressive to play. The fact that you could play it alone or with friends made the game excellent. However, the dark war shortcomings were that Doom overshadowed it. This made it not to receive too much recognition as the developer had in mind. However, the game was the best and enjoyable to play, and I suggest you try it out!

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