Dynasty Warriors 9 Game Review

Dynasty Warriors 9 Game Review

The new Dynasty Warriors 9 game was announced on December 19, 2016, and it took the world by storm. Everyone wanted to play the new Dynasty Warriors 9 game—the newest installation in the Dynasty Warriors series.

dynasty warriors 9 Game

The previous installments of the game did not disappoint fans, albeit there have been minimal chances across some of the installments. Now, by the end of 2017, a new Dynasty Warriors 9 game is going to be released—fans say it will take the world by storm, with its new features and storyline. Since we are not 100% sure of what the game will truly be like, we have compiled a list of features from various news sites regarding the game. So for all you Dynasty Warriors fans out there, here it is:

The Gameplay 

According to the latest Dynasty Warriors news, this brand new installment will have an open world gaming experience. That’s right, the new Dynasty Warriors 9 will show players the entire map of China, bringing fans a whole new gaming experience.

The open map feature introduces an entirely new Gameplay, showing a world of cities, towns, and battlefields. The game has a number of townspeople and interactive characters for players to enjoy. 

Apart from that, it will also boast an all-new environment. Visuals will be improved as the game producers promise real-time weather effects and day-night cycles. This means that when it’s raining in real life, it will also be raining in the game. For players, this means that the perfect time to sneak up on other characters would be during a thunderstorm while a clear day should mean a lazy day around town.

The Setting of Dynasty Warriors 9 Game

As mentioned earlier, the setting of the game will still be mainland China, albeit an older version during which war still abounded. As the game progresses, different missions will need to be finished by the main character. There will be both regular and special missions. The situation will change depending on the chosen missions. Overall, the progress of the game will depend heavily on the player.

The ever changing landscape will affect missions in such that stealth, surprise attacks, and night infiltration will be possible because of the day-night cycles.

The changing landscape is an interesting addition to the Gameplay. It can make the new Dynasty Warriors 9 a brand new experience, never before seen—if done correctly. The interactive Gameplay that the new game boasts can become its winning feature. We are all looking forward to the new gaming experience.

New Features and Characters in Dynasty Warriors 9 Game 

The newest and most significant addition to the Dynasty Warriors universe is still the open world feature. Apart from that, the game boasts 83 characters available for play. Unlocking them and leveling them up will, as always, be challenging but fun.

Specifically, the new characters go by the names Cheng Pu, Xiahou Dun, Zhao Yun, and Guan Yu. According to the official website, each new character has a backstory. Here are some of the characters in the Dynasty Warriors 9 Game:

Image Credits : http://www.koeitecmoamerica.com

The Storyline of Dynasty Warriors 9 Game

The Gameplay seems promising, and the storyline is coming together to become an interesting mix of the old world and exciting battles. With interactive Gameplay that adapts to the characters decisions and movements, this game is looking to be the best in the Dynasty Warriors series.

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Cheng Pu was a trusted adviser and tactician.He was also retainer to the Sun Family for over three generations. As a brace general, he supported the Sun Family in the expansion of the Wu Territory.

Xiaohou Dun, on the other hand, is Cao Cao’s cousin. He is calm and a level-headed leader. The loss of his eye did not diminish his skills as a trained and vicious warrior. Zhao Yun, on the other hand, is a young warrior. Despite his age, he is a fierce warrior and he traveled the lands in search of someone deserving of his loyalty. He found Liu Bei to be a deserving chief and soon became a member of the group lead by Guan Yu: the Five Tiger Generals of Shu.

Last but not the least, Guan Yu is another fierce addition to the Dynasty Warrior character list. Nicknamed “Lord of the Magnificent Beard,” he was the one who formed the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. His expertise earned him respect from both enemies and foes, and his reputation as a fierce warrior precedes him on the battlefield.

The new characters bring the game to full circle. The addition to new characters gives the game the added thrill of having something new and exciting. That each character has a back story makes the game that much more exciting. The Dynasty Warrior world also became that much more interesting because missions depend on the interaction between the main character and bandits and villagers.

Release Date of Dynasty Warriors 9 Game

Omega Force has released a statement that they found the change between Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8 minimal and lacking. They want to change the Warriors experience as all players know it with the new Dynasty Warriors 9.

The Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires release date is set for winter. While there has been no announcement of a specific date, Omega Force has let the fans know that the game will make its debut late this year. According to Dynasty Warrior news, there will be a Dynasty Warriors 9 PS4. That is the game will be release for the PS4 exclusively.

Fans are expecting the game will be release for other devices, such as the PC and the Xbox One. But no news has been released regarding versions for other devices.

For the time being please watch the trailer below:



The game seems to be entirely different from its predecessor. From the open world Gameplay to the new character additions, the new Dynasty Warriors 9 seems to be an exciting installment in the Dynasty Warrior series. The actual release will be for PS4 Players which are disappointing fans. Everyone is looking forward to what this new game has in store.  Do not miss out this promising gaming experience from Omega Force. Stay tuned for more Dynasty Warriors news.

What are your views about the Review of Dynasty Warriors 9 Game? Do you have any questions or suggestions ? Don’t hesitate to share your views or questions in the comment section below.

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