Injustice Gods Among Us Game Review

Injustice Gods Among Us Game Review

Injustice God Among Us surprised us four years ago when the game came out for consoles of the last generation. Although we were a bit skeptical about how the Mortal Kombat developer will make the game with DC heroes, especially learning from their previous attempts to do exactly that.

injustice god among us

The first Injustice God Among Us proved to be a hit. The game offered quite a solid gameplay mechanics, based on 2D fights. The amount of content was satisfactory, and the story and general attitude towards DC heroes at a satisfactory level.

What NetherRealm Studios brought next to use, we liked even more! The developer was all but lazy and brought us a continuation that in every sense improved the first part.

 Injustice God Among Us Volume 2

To begin with, Injustice God Among Us Volume 2 strikes a good balance when it comes to improving the gameplay from the first part. The game has retained many good things, and if you are someone who has spent hours playing the first part, you will not be left alone this time. You will have a solid amount of knowledge that you already carry with you. On the other hand, the changes brought about by second part are largely welcome.

Gamplay of Injustice God Among Us

First of all, the game is noticeably faster compared to the first part. This applies even to the walking speed. And the big change is the way in which the meter of the scale in the game works, which allows you, for example, to respond more easily to enemies who like to retreat and bombard you with missiles. All in all, gameplay is still greasy and somewhat more pedantic compared to the Ultimate Edition.

Some of the characters, like Deadshot or Green Arrow, offer you the ability to play much more defensively. While, for example, Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd open the possibility of offensive tactics based on thoughtful, slow but strong attacks. The pure quantity of options, which comes with the combo system from the game, is very impressive. If you are someone who loves to practice to the perfection of your combo and to find new options for combating enemies, Injustice 2 is your game.

Injustice God Among Us Characters and Story

Keep in mind that everything on the technical side is at a very high level. Animations are perfect, character models are great, and the only question is whether you like the art style or not, which is a matter of taste. When it comes to storytelling, as well as a rich selection of characters, among which a large number debuts in the Injustice series, we must say that the situation is pretty warm/cold.


The plot is classical and somewhat boring.The only thing that at the moments takes the whole situation is the character of some of the DC heroes. Batman, for example, initially acts as a voice of reason in the whole setting. But later we see him running Superman and Wonder Woman while his ally Harley Quinn is his.

The whole story may be too tilted to the dark side, and the moments that will make you happy are when funny characters like Flash or Green Arrow come to the stage. Joker is as we have already mentioned, a mild horror. We are pretty sure that this is actually the worst iteration of the legendary Batman’s opponent.

batman vs superman

From looks, through super-cheap and bad fora, to generally every absence of charm that is always tied to this much-loved DC villain. I can not say that we expected some fantastic story, after all, it was very similar in the first part.

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Injustice 2 story, follows the standard system that NetherRealm has established with MK reboot. You will follow the action from the perspective of all 28 heroes, and what can be quite troublesome is when your game is slowly shifted to one another on another hero.

The Injustice God Among Us 2 combo system

The Injustice 2 combo system is quite unique for each of the characters. So even the most basic combos, they do not have some familiar and established inputs. It expects you to open the moves list every time and watch yourself making your experience more interesting. When the game itself does not work in a convincing way.

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In the event that you did not delight in the story mode, and I certainly advise you at least once to get it. I am pretty sure that you will like the new Multiverse mode brought by Injustice 2. It’s a very deep system similar to RPG games.

Unlock new equipment for them, and use new capabilities and power to advance to changing challenges even on a daily basis. Common and rare pieces of equipment will affect four basic statistics in the game: power, defense, health and specific abilities. However, if you acquire legendary equipment, it will significantly change the attributes of your fighter. So you will, for example, be able to start the matches with a full Super Scale.

Multiverse changes in the Injustice God Among Us

In addition to cosmetic changes, which are probably the largest scale we’ve seen in a single militant game, parts of the equipment significantly change the balance of the entire game.  So Multiverse is a robust, completely separate part of the game, in which you can spend a lot of time. If you decide to play online, parts of the equipment will retain their appearance. But the statistics will be reset to default values in order to get a fair competition, as the developer imagined it.

You Play It Day By Day

The game has a system of unlocking loot boxes, within which you can try your luck. They are conquered by the fulfillment of characteristic requirements within the Multiverse missions. You will have the motive to play the game day by day. Bearing in mind that the Multiverse content is constantly changing. The thing you should keep in mind is that the game offers an incredible amount of content.


The Basic on the tutorials of Injustice God Among Us


Another thing you should know, there is a huge gap between the basic things that the game will teach you in the tutorial mode. And what is really possible to do in the combo system. Injustice 2 simply requires you to invest time and effort in yourself. Thus in order to discover everything that is able to provide you.

The game was actually released on the following platform:

  • PS3
  • X360
  • WIIU
  • PS4
  • VITA
  • PC

Your Turn:

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If you found this post helpful, got any value from it whatsoever, or think it sucked and would like to share your views or questions, please do so in the comments.

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